The Emotional Worlds of Children and Young People Symposium

The Emotional Worlds of Children and Young People
14-15 December 2017, University of Adelaide

An event from the University of Adelaide’s ‘Dis/Located Children’ network, this one-day symposium explores the worlds of children and young people as an affective space. It seeks to bring together scholars from any discipline that explore how children and young people’s worlds are produced, or how they themselves produce it, and the important role of emotion, care or affect in its making. This could include how CYP experience belonging or dislocation; how they feel cared for or care for others; how they understand, experience and display emotion over time and space; children and youth cultures; and families, environments and organisations who care for or provide space for CYP’s emotions. Emotion here is construed widely to include the affective dimensions of childcare and child-rearing, educational development, and support, as well as fun, play, engagement and relationships. Topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • CYP’s play and relationships
  • CYP’s experience of emotion, how it is shaped, and what is permitted
  • CYP’s emotional worlds, including online, in person, and outside of adult oversight
  • Institutional care
  • Schooling and emotion/care
  • CYP in the family
  • CYP’s experience of belonging
  • CYP and migration
  • Emotional abuse

300 word proposals for individual papers of 20 minutes duration (or panels of 3) are now invited. Please include a short c.150 word bio for each presenter and list any technological needs. Proposals are due by 7 November 2017. Please email word documents to: