ANZAMEMS Postgraduate/ECR Travel Bursary Funding 2015

As part of its commitment to support postgraduate research, ANZAMEMS is again this year offering $5000 for a round of travel bursaries for postgraduates and early career researchers to attend the 10th Biennial ANZAMEMS conference and PATS to be held at the University of Queensland on July 14-18, and July 20.


  1. Open to currently enrolled postgraduates and ECRs within 2 years of award and not in full-time employment.
  2. Applicants must be financial members of ANZAMEMS for 2015.

Selection process:

  • Funding round advertised via the ANZAMEMS mailing list and newsletter: 2 April 2015.
  • Due date for applications: 30 April 2015.
  • Announcement of successful applicants: 16 May 2015.
  • A sub-committee of the ANZAMEMS committee of three members will assess the applications.
  • The Assistant Treasurer will also be on the sub-committee to coordinate the application and selection processes, communicate with applicants, and arrange payment of prizes.
  • Priority will not necessarily be given to greater distance travelled, but the sub-committee will reserve the right to award smaller bursaries where distance travelled is relatively short.


  • Bursaries can only be used to attend the Biennial International ANZAMEMS Conference.
  • Successful applicants are required to submit to the ANZAMEMS committee a brief report (1 page), suitable for publication in the ANZAMEMS newsletter, no longer than 2 months after the conference.
  • In case of non-attendance at the conference, the applicant will be required to reimburse the bursary to ANZAMEMS within a reasonable time frame.
  • Should attendance at the conference lead to a publication, successful applicants are expected to acknowledge the assistance of an ANZAMEMS Postgraduate Travel Bursary.
  • Applicants are also encouraged to develop their conference paper to be submitted as an article to Parergon.

Application process – applicants should submit (max of 5 pages):

  1.  A brief CV
  2. Proof of eligibility (e.g., proof of enrolment)
  3. Proof of acceptance of the applicant’s paper at the ANZAMEMS conference
  4. A brief statement outlining benefit of the conference to research/career
  5. A brief budget of costs associated with attending conference
  6. A statement of other sources of funding available (if applicable).

Applications should be emailed to the Communications Officer in Word MS or PDF format at, by the due date.