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Gothic Ivory Sculpture: Content and Context – recent publication

Dear all,

I am very happy to announce that Gothic Ivory Sculpture: Content and Context is now freely available to download or read online at This is the latest title to be published as part of the Courtauld Books Online series.

This volume gathers papers delivered at the conference of the same name co-organised by the Courtauld Institute of Art and the British Museum in 2014 and two papers from the previous 2012 conference co-organised with the Victoria & Albert Museum (articles by Michele Tomasi and by Elisabeth Antoine-König and Juliette Levy-Hinstin).

I would also like to draw your attention to a few recent publications:

–          Jutta Kappel, Elfenbeinkunst im Grünnen Gewölbe zu Dresden (Dresden, 2017)

–          Simonetta Castronovo, Fabrizio Crivello, Michele Tomasi (eds.), Avori Medievali. Collezioni del Museo Civico d’Arte Antica di Torino (Savigliano: L’Artistica Savigliano, 2016).

–     Entries on ivory carvings and Embriachi work by Benedetta Chiesi and Michele Tomasi, in Andrea Bacchi and Andrea De Marchi (dir.), La Galleria di Palazzo Cini. Dipinti, sculture, oggetti d’arte (Venice: Marsilio, 2016), no. 61-77.

–      A few papers on ivories (inevitably) in: Glyn Davies and Eleanor Townsend (eds.), A Reservoir of Ideas: Essays in Honour of Paul Williamson (London: Paul Holberton Publishing, 2017).

–     and also: J. Papp and B. Chiesi (eds.), John Brampton Philpot’s Photographs of Fictile Ivory (Budapest, 2016), in Hungarian… and English!


An exhibition not to be missed (… though I will)

The Ivory Mirror: The Art of Mortality in Renaissance Europe, Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick (ME), 24 June – 26 November 2017

And accompanying catalogue:

Stephen Perkinson (ed.), The Ivory Mirror: The Art of Mortality in Renaissance Europe (New Haven: Yale University Press with the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, 2017).


With best wishes,


Dr Catherine Yvard | National Art Library Special Collections Curator | V&A Museum | Cromwell Road | South Kensington | London SW7 2RL | 020 7942 2260 | @DrYvard


A Festschrift in Memory of Philippa Maddern – Order A Print Copy Now

The shopping cart for the print copy of A Festschrift in Memory of Philippa Maddern (co-edited by ANZAMEMS members Patricia Alessi and Deborah Seiler), a special edition published through Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies, is now up and running.

This journal issue was created in honour of the medieval historian and late director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, 1100-1800.

For contents of the Festschrift, please see:

To order a copy, please visit:

Eighteen: Poems from the Greek Anthology – Limited Edition Publication

Brendan O’Brien of Fernbank Press in Wellington returns to Dunedin as University Library Printer in Residence, University of Otago. Brendan will spend a month in the Otakou Press Room, University Library, hand-printing a limited edition of 100 copies of 18 poems and epigrams translated from the fourth-century Greek Anthology by the current poet laureate, Vincent O’Sullivan. The work is titled Eighteen: Poems from the Greek Anthology.

In addition, the work will be illustrated by Barry Cleavin, one of New Zealand’s best known artist-engravers. Both O’Sullivan and Cleavin now live in Dunedin; an exciting collaboration is envisaged.

When not hand-printing, Brendan is curatorial technician in the Conservation Department of the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington. He was last here as Printer in Residence in 2005, when he printed Ralph Hotere’s PINE and Joanna Paul’s access to lilac.

Orders are now being taken for this limited edition publication, which will retail at $150.00 (incl gst). Please contact Dr. Donald Kerr for any further information:

Dr. Donald Kerr
Special Collections Librarian, University of Otago
P.O. Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand
Phone: (03) 479-8330

Understanding Emotions in Early Europe – Available to Order

Understanding Emotions in Early Europe, M. Champion, A. Lynch (eds.)

Drawing on the latest scholarship from international resarchers, this dedicated collection investigates how medieval and early modern articulated emotions. This book investigates how medieval and early modern Europeans constructed, understood, and articulated emotions. The essays trace concurrent lines of influence that shaped post-Classical understandings of emotions through overlapping philosophical, rhetorical, and theological discourses. They show the effects of developments in genre and literary, aesthetic, and cognitive theories on depictions of psychological and embodied emotion in literature. They map the deeply embedded emotive content inherent in rituals, formal documents, daily conversation, communal practice, and cultural memory. The contributors focus on the mediation and interpretation of pre-modern emotional experience in cultural structures and institutions — customs, laws, courts, religious foundations — as well as in philosophical, literary, and aesthetic traditions.

This volume thus represents a conspectus of contemporary interpretative strategies, displaying close connections between disciplinary and interdisciplinary critical practices drawn from historical studies, literature, anthropology and archaeology, philosophy and theology, cognitive science, psychology, religious studies, and gender studies. The essays stretch from classical and indigenous cultures to the contemporary West, embracing numerous national and linguistic groups. They illuminate the complex potential of medieval and early modern emotions in situ, analysing their involvement in subjects as diverse as philosophical individual and communal identity, social and political practices, and the manifold business of everyday life.

To order this collection, and for more information on contributors, please see the flyer below:

Download (PDF, 158KB)

New Publication on the History of the Book in New Zealand: “Hocken, Prince of Collectors”

A new publication which may interest members, from Dr. Donald Kerr, Special Collections Librarian at the University of Otago, that enhances our knowledge of the history of the book in New Zealand:

Hocken. Prince of Collectors, by Donald Kerr
Otago University Press
Jacketed hardback, 155 x 240 mm
424 pp & 40 pp photos
ISBN 978-1-877578-66-3, $60.00

Dr Thomas Morland Hocken (1836–1910) arrived in Dunedin in 1862, aged 26. Throughout his busy life as a medical practitioner he amassed books, manuscripts, sketches, maps and photographs of early New Zealand. Much of his initial collecting focused on the early discovery narratives of James Cook; along with the writings of Rev. Samuel Marsden and his contemporaries; Edward Gibbon Wakefield and the New Zealand Company; and Maori, especially in the south. He gifted his collection to the University of Otago in 1910.

Hocken was a contemporary of New Zealand’s other two notable early book collectors, Sir George Grey and Alexander Turnbull. In this magnificent piece of research, a companion volume to his Amassing Treasures for All Times: Sir George Grey, colonial bookman and collector (2006), Donald Kerr examines Hocken’s collecting activities and his vital contribution to preserving the history of New Zealand’s early post-contact period.

Ordering information: Order all Otago books from Nationwide Book Distributors/ Ph: 03 312 1603/ Fax: 03 312 1604

A Festschrift in Memory of Philippa Maddern – Hardcopy Requests

This is the final call to register your interest for hardcopy requests of A Festschrift in Memory of Philippa Maddern (co-edited by Patricia Alessi and Deborah Seiler), a special edition published through Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies.

This journal issue was created in honour of the medieval historian and late director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, 1100-1800. It was a great privilege for us and for our authors that Philippa knew of our plans for the Festschrift before she passed away; she said she learned a great deal from her students and was honoured to have been able to teach us.

We invited postgraduates as well as early career researchers to contribute to this Special Edition – anyone whom Philippa supervised, worked with or otherwise significantly influenced their professional and personal development. True to Philippa’s nature, this has resulted in a wonderful range of articles that show just how influential she was to her students and colleagues.

For contents of the Festschrift, please see:

Please email requests to by 15 May 2015.

Experiences of Charity, 1250-1650, ed. Anne Scott – Out Now!

Dear members, please find below the abstract and flyer for the new collection, Experiences of Charity, 1250-1650, edited by Anne Scott. Congratulations to Anne and all those involved in this excellent collection, including ANZAMEMS members Susan Broomhall, Nicholas Dean Brodie, Dolly MacKinnon, and the late Philippa Maddern.

Experiences of Charity, 1250-1650, ed. Anne M. Scott

For a number of years scholars who are concerned with issues of poverty and the poor have turned away from the study of charity and poor relief, in order to search for a view of the life of the poor from the point of view of the poor themselves. Great studies have been conducted using a variety of records, resulting in seminal works that have enriched our understanding of pauper experiences and the influence and impact of poverty on societies. If we return our gaze to ‘charity’ with the benefit of those studies’ questions, approaches, sources and findings, what might we see differently about how charity was experienced as a concept and in practice, at both community and personal levels?

In this collection, contributors explore the experience of charity towards the poor, considering it in spiritual, intellectual, emotional, personal, social, cultural and material terms. The approach is a comparative one: across different time periods, nations, and faiths. Contributors pay particular attention to the way faith inflected charity in the different national environments of England and France, as Catholicism and Calvinism became outlawed and/or minority faith positions in these respective nations. They ask how different faith and beliefs defined or shaped the act of charity, and explore whether these changed over time even within one faith. The sources used to answer such questions go beyond the textual as contributors analyse a range of additional sources that include the visual, aural, and material.

Download (PDF, 773KB)

Shakespeare Magazine – Issues 1-4 Available For Free Online

The fourth issue of Shakespeare Magazine is now available to read online:

Highlights include Shakespeare’s London (with guest appearances from Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Shakespeare in Love), Shakespeare in the mountains of California, New York’s Shakespeare rapper and a plethora of Shakespeare Disasters.

Shakespeare Magazine is a completely free online magazine. You don’t have to ‘Follow’ or sign up – just click or swipe to start turning the pages.


Previous issues:

Twitter: @UKShakespeare